-=Zatox Server Event=- (date to be decided)


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Aug 11, 2019
-=Zatox Server Event=-
Hey guys! :)
As some of you already know. :) We are going to host an event! It was first planned as separate events per server but after some player suggestions, I decided to host 1 large event!:)

For now, I am going to keep it a secret of what will be happening but it will involve PvP - Skills - the new 1.14 update - and a lot of fun!
Everyone can participate by beeing online and following the instructions that are being given that day ;)
You will be able to work in a team but the rewards will be per person :)
The 3 first players to reach the 'Finish' will receive some nice prizes!

Do remember that all the normal server rules still apply so hacking or cheating will not be tolerated!

First place​
To be decided​
Second place​
To be decided​
Third place​
To be decided​

Sneak peeks:

This thread will be updated in the near future to include the: prizes - the exact time and some nice sneak peeks ;)
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