Important Skyblock Release

Skyblock Release
Hey guys! We are thrilled to announce that Skyblock has been released.

What is Skyblock?
It is a mode where you spawn on an island (alone or with a friend) and you have to expand it and create an awesome island! :)

We have put a lot of hard efforts in it to create a unique player experience and will continuously update it.
Some of the awesome features that we offer are:
  • Voting crates
  • PvP arena (coming really soon!)
  • Balanced shop
  • Challenges
  • island levels
  • buyable biomes
  • and so much more :)
be sure to join the server and check everything out for yourself ;)

All Skyblock related commands and help can be found by clicking the NPC at /spawn or by typing /island help
As always, if you have any unanswered questions you can always ask staff

We hope you guys will be having a lot of fun on the Skyblock!
If you have any suggestions feel free to pm a staff member or make a suggestion on the forums.
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