Factions Reset

Factions Reset

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Jul 14, 2019
Hello everyone,

This season has not been a bad one learned alot and fixed alot of issues our server had, I feel like it's time to start fresh again I do understand this is a fast reset since the last but I guess you could see the first 2 seasons of factions as beta ones I hope everyone can vote once we reach atleast 20 - 30 votes and you guys do want a reset i'll start working on it and get a fresh map ready with new features! Also one of the reasons i'm in for a reset is because there were 2 dupe exploits in our server that have been abused. Keep in mind that 30% of all keys that have been bought this season will be refunded.

If a reset happens this will change / get added:

- Smaller map to promote raiding (7500 x 7500)
- King of the hill will be added to promote teamwork
- Economy will be changed and more balanced
- Illegal spawners such as irongolems will be removed only normal spawners will be kept in /shop
- New auction plugin with live bidding
- God Apples cannot be craft again only bought in /shop

Thanks in advance for your vote!

DutchboyHD / Boris
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